Virtual Slideshow: Forestry Is For Everyone


Brochure: Forestry Is For Everyone


PowerPoint Presentation: Forestry Is For Everyone


Briefing Note: Employment Insurance (EI) re-entry and economic regions


August 2020: BC forest industry going full-tilt thanks to record-breaking lumber prices, but won't last says Jeff Bromley, USW Wood Council


August 25, 2020: Forestry Workers Welcome WTO Decision on U.S. Softwood Tariffs, Time to Settle Long-Standing Dispute


Labour Day 2020 Message from Harry Bains, BC NDP Minister of Labour

Harry Bains talks about his experiences as a USW forestry worker - how with the help of his union, he took on racism in the sawmill where he worked and how that inspired and motivated him to become a union activist. 

November 25, 2020: U.S. Reduction of Duties on Canadian Lumber a Good First Step, but Softwood Lumber Dispute Must End, Says USW Union